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Sunday, August 5, 2012

day of the ZUCCHINI

I dunno, does anybody LOVE zucchini?  I am a vegetarian and if there were no zucchinis ever, would I notice?  A favorite recipe of ours in this house is "creamy zucchini pasta"...and I substitute tomatoes and peas for 2 out of the 3 zucchinis.  One is enough for one dish it seems.  Then there is Garrison Keillor on the radio:  "In Minnesota you have to lock your car in August.  Otherwise you will come out to drive somewhere and find that somebody has given you (ditched) a huge bag of zucchini in your car."
I think zucchini is just one of those veggies that is a blank slate, you can a bunch of AWESOME things with it. And in August you do ALOT with it!
We went to Amy and Dave's farm Friday night.  Holy cats we ended up with a boatload of veggies, including some zucchini FOOTBALLS.  Beautiful huge, and we were ready for them.

Amy and Dave have a gorgeous farm near us, nice view, and look at the veggies down there.  We had to get some peppers from our other favorite farm, Indian Creek.  They had these GORGEOUS bell peppers they had grown (and I love peppers of all kinds).  I wanted colors for zucchini relish, and they had purple and black.  The utility peppers were totally beautiful and unblemished...and 50 cents a pound or best offer! I got a huge box of peppers for 50 cents....the black is a deep purple with a pretty wasabi green color inside....
Anyway, our history with zucchini relish is like this:  one summer nearly 15 years ago, a stranger at a farmer's market, and this is totally true AND also a story like Garrison Keillor there in Minnesota, comes up, gives me a big jar of zucchini relish and a recipe.  "Here is the recipe you asked for and a jar I made last week!".  I had no idea who she was or what zucchini relish was, but we took it and ate it.
Her relish was all green, but I like this multi-colored many vegetable zucchini relish, it is like you go to the Indian restaurant and they put all these delightful and mysterious chutneys on the table and they are delicious...other than chopping and grating, it is VERY EASY.

  My creamy zucchini pasta recipe is a little like this one, but I make mine vegan, you know?  With added tomato and peas, as i say....go nuts yourself! Easy tasty!

And a good friend introduced us to this AMAZING zucchini bread recipe, it is SO yummy, and soon I will wake up the wife and we will eat some....

Saturday the wife and I went to Cass Park to bike all morning and find all the corners and spots we did not know were there before, then after, as I say, Indian Creek farm, we went to the big antiques place,,,,and I found the holy grail! For years I have wanted to find the little rolling beagle toy I had as a toddler.  YEARS!  And there was one...five BUCKS, perfect almost new condition, made in USA in 1967....there were 2 others, NOT in good shape, also 5 bucks, and that made me feel like I was a WINNER.


cookingwithgas said...

I do, I do! I love any vegetable, but this is a favorite.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, Garrison Keilor said it all...but you've added a bit too! Zucchini is definitely a bounty to enjoy in many many ways. So happy you've got a Penny toy too!
Barb at Alchemy of Clay

kate and jim said...

1967!!! Heck, I was a Junior in High School! lol.

Glad you found it, Gary!

kate and jim said...

PS: if you see a bunch of 'clicks' from us, it's because we lost ALL our bookmarks and we're trying to re-establish our list. U G H. sigh.

Unknown said...

Score oyn finding the rolling beagle! I miss those old toys of days gone by. Happy to hear that they can still be found, and purchased reasonably!

Michèle Hastings said...

Jeff and I both LOVE zucchini! it's a mainstay in our diet. It goes so well with so many meals... italian as well as Asian. Next year, we really need to grow our own.
as for relish, my mom makes it, but we are not really relish eaters or canned anything eaters, fresh is best.

k.a. barnes said...

I have a delicious recipe for zucchini and pea risotto I'll have to share with you!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I love zucchini but when we lived in Michigan and I have a super garden, Jim finally cried "uncle" to too many zucchini dishes. I have an awesome lemon zucchini bread/cake on my site you should try and also one that has pineapple. Very tasty. Thinking about making chocolate zucchini bread today so I'll keep you posted if it turns out.

Love the beagle toy. I had one of those too...and also a turtle toy.

Reverend Awesome said...

A little beagle stopped by to visit us yesterday. (To visit and scare off the birds at the bird feeder.) So cute. He lives at the end of the street. Of course he is not as cute as little Penny.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Cass Park sounds familiar, but I can't place it from 25 years ago. Where is it? The family and I are headed up to Ithaca on Thursday with our pop-up camper. Now that I think about it, I should have begged you to check out the bathrooms at Buttermilk Falls State Park before I made my reservations! Oh, well, who cares? I'll be in the land of the gorges and waterfalls and away from this godawful humidity.

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