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Friday, July 13, 2012

stink bombs and leftovers....

The early bird gets the worm eh?  Or the coffee and leftovers in my case.  As I say, we have a traveling blogger warrior staying with us, Mrs G, 5800 miles into her summer tour of readers.  More on all that later, but let's just say that the real reason this early bird is up?  Murphy's Law:  you have a guest?  And the dog comes and pukes at the top of the stairs at 4:20 am and the cat drops the stink bomb in the litter box.  YOU KNOW the cat is gonna drop that stink bomb, usually at dinner......

Anyway, if you know Mrs G, you know she is attached to this CAT which was taken on a tour of Ithaca last night, more on that later, and me and the wife were, of course, rolling out the red carpet....

The Missus and Gary


cookingwithgas said...

Hey Gary! I dreamed I was with you- does that count? Have a grand time cat puck and all.
Mrs. G rolls well- it will not phase her.

Deborah said...

I just love these pictures of you two! Wishing I could be there for the party, should be a blast!

Shortstuff said...

Wishing you the best of fun. Can't believe you took Kitty Gigantica on a tour of Ithaca. You guys really did roll out the red carpet.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Kitty Gigantica as the new Flat Stanley!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I were there? From a long time country girl here is what you put in the bathroom when guests come:

If it's yellow
Let it mellow.
If it's brown
Flush it down.

Print it out and attach it in a prominent place, preferably on the handle of a "Plumber's Helper". People will get the idea.
If not it will be a great post.
Have fun! ALBUG

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Ah, no mid-day blog post update....must be a rockin good party!

Lori Buff said...

Sounds like a great party. I actually thought about heading your way today for a surprise visit but it was too far away considering what time we hit the road.

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