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Sunday, July 15, 2012

picked a peck of peaches and...and made preserves!

OK, so our usual favorite peach orchard on Cayuga Lake sends us the email last week: "peach crop RUINED by early heat in March followed by bad frost and snow in April.  No apricots either."  And this is terrible news, we love to make peach jam! BUT driving back from the state park (see post below) Friday we see another place has upick peaches and raspberries.  Different side of Cayuga Lake, right?  SO we hatch the plan to visit Saturday morning at Indian Creek Farm, maybe the cutest and nicest little fruit and vegetable farm on earth....
Here are a couple of facts.  Peaches do NOT grow very far north because they are sensitive to the cold. BUT around our temperate lakes some places have moderated temps and there will be peach farms.  Indian Creek has a nice protected lakeside slope.  Another peach fact:  in season, local peaches are CHEAP.  Pick them yourself? The price is HALF as cheap as cheap! Another fact:  if it is a HOT sunny day, nothing is easier to do than pick peaches!  You are in the SHADE of these beautiful trees! Peaches are huge! You reach up and grab one, your box is full in 3 minutes.
the opposite is true of raspberries, my favorite.  You are OUT in the HOT sun with the prickly plants.  And they are not too too hard to pick, really, but, well, we only picked a small box before retreating to our iced coffee.  SO, the plan had been: pick a batch of peaches for one recipe of peach jam and another batch of raspberries for one raspberry jam but....we only got enough raspberries to eat.  Which is still good.  We were driving home and I realized we had NOT failed, maybe we had enough peaches for 2 jam batches?  Got home and weighed them:  plenty to eat and enough for two peach jam recipes :)  SO, that was our fun on Saturday night:  making peach jam all evening, HEAVEN (I am a cheap date, hmm?).

In other news, our guests were taking pics of our house.  It IS looking good now.  A lot of flowers out, more blossoming never photographs its true lavendar-wasabi green trim color though....


cookingwithgas said...

great picture of you and the house. I have not made peach jam yet this year. I do love the late July peaches we have here- better get on that soon.

Barbara R. said...

That's a great pic of you and a couple of vases on the banister, oh and Penny too of course. What's with digital colors that just don't come through correctly, anyway? Your home is beautiful.

Michèle Hastings said...

yummy peaches! i have never been peach picking even though they are plentiful here in the south. There are peach farms in NH - sure if there are any further north than Concord. It seems they are smaller up there too.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Yum! And Yum! And did I mention, Yum?!!!

Deborah J said...

I love your house Gary. It looks very friendly!

Deborah J said...

Hmmm...after Barbara Rogers mentioned the vases I zoomed in, and there may be a beagle on the left hand side.
Feeling stalkerish now....:)

k.a. barnes said...

There is nothing prettier than peaches on a tree. Well. Maybe Penny.

Glennis said...

Fantastic. Love me some peaches!! The house looks fantastic.

Reverend Awesome said...

Everything here is crunchy. It's bumming me out. All the pretty flowers I planted are having troubles, some haven't made it. It bums me out! Scott's sun flowers are doing good. They don't care if it rains or not, they are 12 feet high.
Glad you found your peaches! Around here Missouri peaches are the big thing. I need to eat more peaches.

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