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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SNOW in June

Well, due to get into the 90s today, but those cottonwoods on the riverbank sure do make a MESS don't they? I do not really like the millions of sticky cotton balls covering our yard and everything else.....

The pot Spike is messing with here arrived in yesterday's mail. It was made by one of my instructors around 1983 (I will not say who because it is hot!) and stolen by a classmate of mine from college (I will not say who!) who kindly sent it to me as a gift. You kinda wonder if the FBI is gonna be on my doorstep one day
"Mr Rith? We believe you are harboring a fugitive vase...."

(new pitcher and mugs by Gary Rith)


Quietly Otaku said...

Its getting warm here but I can't believe its gett that hot where you are already! At least pots dry out faster in the heat!

Unknown said...

Harboring a fugitive vase...hahahahah! I love how Spike is attacking it...that cat is a hoot. I love the photos of Penny's confusion over the cottonwood seeds, so funny....your pottery rocks, we love seeing it!

Joyful Things said...

We have cottonwoods here too. I hate them - first the sticky shells, then the snowstorm of fluffy white seeds and then the big and ugly empty seed pods. Messy and nasty trees. They send out suckers and the seeds will germinate on the back door mat. There should be a bounty on them.

Can you tell that I don't care for these trees?

soubriquet said...

And now you ARE the pottery instructor!
Evil students will kidnap your pots, send them to third-party felons, whose cats will maul them....
"Instant Karma's gonna get you"

Alfred said...

Gary, wow! You have one of That Person's vases?! I admire! :)

Alfred said...

Gary, it won't be the FBI - it'll be the Vase Squad!

Michèle Hastings said...

perhaps georges le soq will protect you from the vase squad... or maybe spike will tear their legs off.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think Spike works for the sir will be under arrest soon!!!!

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