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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1.................

June 1 = best day of the year :)
I realized a few years ago "hey, today is June 1, we have incredible weather guaranteed for 3 months!!!". Sure, there is plenty of good weather in September and May,( well, there was snow in May) but these are the 3 best. It was like, 90 yesterday, and you can see Spike and Penny digging the fan.

I am endeavoring to list my 3 favorite things about summer, and I invite YOU to do the same, Cheri, kerry, Kasey, Joy, Suz, karen, Jen, Cheryl, other Susans, Lori, and on and on and on: give us your 3!

1) BERRIES! Berries are suddenly abundant at the store, like big boxes of blueberries, and very soon the strawberry and raspberry farms near us will be ready for harvest and then the local blubes too---and all summer long, there are raspberries and blackberries for us to pick wild EVERYWHERE and we will pick them with the dogs as we walk. Our old dog Buster's nickname is Buster blackberry, for that reason...
2) ice cream! I have the allergy and so eat the fake stuff, but ice cream, fake or otherwise, is good all year!!! They have this sundae with peanut butter sauce down at Purity ice cream with vegan ice cream....
3) Bikebikebike!!!! When the snow is gone, it is easy to enjoy your bike :)

(new pottery by Gary Rith---not sure why my pics sudde3nly want to be tiny, OH WELL)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your summer list Gary; fake ice cream and all. :)
Since it is hotter than heck here, my first favorite thing about summer is A/C!!!
Then I love our relaxed schedule. (well after this week it will be)
and how about...swimming in the pool? Yeah, I love that too!!!!
Have a great day!

Lori Buff said...

Great list Gary. Mine is:

Walking to Morelli's for an Ice Cream with my sweetie.
Visiting with friends on a deck or patio somewhere (cold beverage a plus).
Sunshine making the flowers bloom

Michèle Hastings said...

1. watermelon
2. days at the beach
3. burgers and pasta salad

it was hard to narrow down to three!

Julia said...

My list is:
1. Eating dinner straight out of the garden...
2. Picking raspberries and blackberries out of the berry patch!
3. Drinking wine on the patio in the evening and watching the moon rise over the mountains.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

my fourth was gonna be a beer outside :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Your pictures may be tiny, but Spike is NOT!

1. Dinner from the garden (we've had asparagus all spring, but now that it is ending, there are peas!)
2. Margaritas and cold beer and lounging in the neighbors' pool with them/the dogs/youngest boy
3. Laid back days, no homework for boys = no harping about it for mom

Unknown said...

Summer is my least favorite season? Why, you ask? Because here in the Boonies, we have guaranteed heat that will melt your candles, humidity that makes a walk outside make you feel like you're swimming underwater, snakes, poison ivy, ticks, and chiggers.

Why do I LIKE summer this year? Because my Big Bison of a husband is still around to swelter through it with me.

Happy Summer, Gary, and avoid the Boonies at all costs!!!

Susan as Herself said...

My top 3:

1) The Andersonville Farmers Market---once a week, the best organic produce money can buy! Plus many other goodies---jam! bread! salsa!

2) Sitting on my balcony reading until the sun sets and I can't see the words on the page.

3) Driving down Lake Shore Drive, baby---a lovely sight!

Unknown said...

So hard to pick just three things..First and Foremost no snow and can shed all the layers of clothes. Just walk out the door! Two: all the greenery, things growing, life all around, Three: Driving is way easier no concern for conditions of the road, just zoom away! :)
A wonderful great summer to all! :)

Joyful Things said...

After the winter it's hard to pick just three so I may comment again....

1. swimming in the lake when it's 95 degrees outside

2. eating fresh fruits and vegetables from my garden - no disrespect to Peru (where most of our produce comes from in the winter) but your fruit/veg does not travel well.

3. three weeks vacation from work (yahoooooo!)

Joyful Things said...

....I have more....

4. cappucino on the deck when thunder storms roll in

5. open toed shoes and sandals

6. pottery wheel outside

7. ice cold beer .....

Summer said...

Okay okay!

1. Laying around in weeds watching bugs!

2. The first praying mantis

3. Unbearable urges to roam around at night, starting mischief.

CiCi said...

Planting seeds and watching them grow.

Planting baby trees and watching them grow.

Planting grown plants and watching them grow.

Reverend Awesome said...

3 Favorite Things About Summer! Okay.
1. Parades! There are parades in the Summertime. Reasonable parades in reasonable weather. That whole St. Patrick's Day freezing, full of day drunks, morning parade does not count! (I don't care if you want to be a morning drunk. I just don't want to deal with it.)

2. Scott grills out and it's great. We even have a new grill! YAY!

3. Standing outside isn't exhausting. I mean, in the winter you walk out and it's WORK trying to stay warm. There's teh shivering, bundling, putting on all that extra clothing just to have your feet get wet and you're stuck cold all day. Yuck. Walking outside isn't a chore!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

cracks me up, can you tell that Summer is a bug doctor? NO REALLY, Summer is a bug doctor!

Miss Heather said...

1. Sitting on a lawn chair with a cold glass of something, reading a good book.

2. BBQs every weekend.

3. Neighbors coming out of "winter hibernation" to socialize on porches.

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