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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Q and A with some of teh BAMF ladies in my life...

(Penny and the wife, the 2 most BAMF ladies in my life)

My BAMF ART BLOG BUNCH group blog of friends is stronger than EVER (check out our wedding special!)
Some of my pals turn to ME for all them insights into MEN. That's ME, just a regular guy, able to explain us dudes.

(Thanks Jill, Kerry, Kasey, Christi, Maureen, Lizzie, Becky Jo and why shouldn't Stevo join the fun with the ladies too?)

Okay answer me this question non-redneck of superior intelligence cousin wonderful...Why is it when men screw every woman in sight they are a "real man" and patted on the back and high five each other? If a woman does the same things we are tramps, worthless garbage or hos'? lol lol lol...:) I mean, "Aren't they screwing hos' at the time according to their description"? just curious! :) Or why is it even one of my male students said, "Gosh my wife used to be so beautiful when I married her"! I looked at him and said, "You mean you always looked this way and she still married you"? lol lol :) GOSH HE QUIT COMING...he said, "What are you a "nun" or something? lol lol lol lol...:) I said, "Well sort of"! lol lol lol...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am sorry - I just have to say after being married for 14 years this year - that is some funny (and true!!) stuff Maureen!!

Becky Jo
That's a good point, Maureen... and I've always thought that double standard sucked.... and it's not just the guys saying that! Girls look at another girl and think "She sleeps with everyone, she's slutty"...

That's funny about the guy in your class... probably better that you don't have to hang out with him anymore due to his belittling attitude towards the one person in the universe he is supposed to love forever (his wife). Duh.

Brian says that at dock sort in the morning, a bunch of the guys go on and on about their wives (in a not-so-nice way)... and I give Brian the evil eye and say "You don't say those things about YOUR wife, DO YOU?!" and he says "Of course not, my wife doesn't blow my entire paycheck on clothes and jewelry, what do I have to complain about?" Good response, me thinks. ;)

That's a good point, Maureen... and I've always thought that double standard sucked.... and it's not just the guys saying that! Girls look at another girl and think "She sleeps with everyone, she's slutty"...

I somehow think I might of stumped Gary on this lol lol...:0) ! When a man says, "Why buy the cow when the milk is so cheap"? I reply, "Why buy the pig for a "little sausage"! lol lol lol..:)

Oh Maureen, you made me laugh so hard I snorted.

Oh Maureen. That is an EXCELLENT question. I'd like to know the answer to that one myself. It gets to be a serious problem as well as an annoying one. In cases of rape when someone's past is brought up as if sleeping with numerous men gives someone the right to force sex upon you. I mean, you did it with all those other guys. This is surely just a drop in the barrel for them. Doesn't matter they said "no" they said "yes" to other people. They were asking for it.

Do the guys that say "nice guys always finish last" or declare that girls don't like dating nice guys realize they are not nice guys? Nice guys don't go out there declaring that girls love jerks. Girls don't love jerks. This is the big misconception spread amongst these "nice guys." Being nice isn't something that makes a person attractive. Being fun, thoughtful, humorous. You need more going for you than teh fact that you haven't kicked a puppy today. Also, being a giant sad sack that talks about you can't get a girlfriend cuz you're too nice makes you annoying. Annoying cancels out niceness.

Yeah Gary, why is that?

Maureen A. Johnson July 12 at 3:58pm
Like I said, "I live in stupid for real "red-neck" land. I am probably the most hated woman in this area by all men, and yes since school. When I come on the scene they say, "Oh God, here comes Xena"! I give it right back to them, I know they would love to cut me up in small pieces and feed me to their hogs, but alas, not to be! I always wind up defending some woman around here.
My youngest sisters red-necked husband (who she has since divorced) thank God, once had the nerve to walk up my driveway, while I was trimming trees outside. He decided I need a "Talking Too"! Anyway I screamed so the whole neighborhood heard me, I yelled, "Only a brain dead ass#$%^* would dare to approach a Menopausal Woman, with a large tree cutter!...he left in a hurry, and the neighbors applauded me! True Story! lol lol lol...:)

"You need more going for you than teh fact that you haven't kicked a puppy today. Also, being a giant sad sack that talks about you can't get a girlfriend cuz you're too nice makes you annoying. Annoying cancels out niceness."

Yes! I have this buddy LBC. He was a RIOT! Then he went though this whiney 'why are all my friends getting married but me' phase that was followed by him losing an enormous amount of weight. He'd seen pictures of my sister a while back and heard stories and thought he'd like to meet her. The two of them emailed back and forth for awhile and it seemed like they really hit it off. (this was before the weight loss & whineyness.) They finally met briefly at my wedding but didn't get a chance to be alone. So we decided to have a party at our apartment a few months later and invite the two of them so they could get to know each other. She picked him up at the airport and she said she knew from the ride to our place, he had changed- not just 'cause he was skinnier. He wasn't fun & easygoing anymore. She had a cooler full of sodas in the back for the ride and he complained that she didn't have anything lo-cal. And the conversation on the entire two-hour car ride was about how LBC felt like he was running out of time to get married and hey, kate- how soon after you get married would you want to start having kids? It freaked her out and she avoided him the rest of the weekend. He didn't know why. What girl wouldn't want a guy who was eager to get married and start with the babies? Eager, perhaps, but anxious is a little off-putting.
Update- LBC rushed into marriage with a rather foul girl, went through a nasty divorce, learned to chill the f out, gained most of the weight back, and very happily married a fantastic girl he'd known since his freshman year.

Wow, leave for 7 hours and look what happens :)
point a) XENA is hot!!! And her little Princess sidekick, even hotter! I love a woman with a sword in a tight little outfit!
b) your question is an interesting one, considering Stevo and I are the two most loyal and loving husbands on earth, married to the 2 hottest 50 year old women on earth, scratch that, the 2 HOTTEST women on earth of any age, so wtf do we know?
c) Beckster, your husband is married to the third sweetest and hottest woman on earth, and the fact that you don't spend the whole paycheck is only the beginning of the nice things he says about you I am sure :)
d) Maureen. How do I answer this? The worst of men see women as a conquest, as a football game, and they want to score as many goals as possible to make them feel big. The redneck, caveman, and medival AND Islamic idea is that the women are property to control. So, men go to prostitutes they despise, or mess around, feeling it is their right or that they need to in order to compete. But the little wife better be home doing the dishes and making some cobbler. And working out on the treadmill and producing babies. I don't get it, Stevo does not get it, it is ignorant and hateful and despicable.

I can't really weigh in on this. Except to say that this chicky kicked a loser to the curb, then took up the sword and armour to release the tension, and end off any new losers that might cross her path. Now the armour I wore was a bit more practical than Xena's, but it was black

I once had someone tell me that men go to prostitutes because they love their wives and respect them too much to ask them to perform the acts that they pay prostitutes for. An interesting theory, but I wouldn't want to be hearing that as an excuse if it were ME being cheated on, worse I wouldn't want to be the sorry ass telling me that's why they cheated. lol. (read above re: Armour and swords....)

Wow, you guys are so great :) I really, truly, love all of you! I really love my husband, we are great friends forever. I am so lucky to have the one guy around here who is not a redneck. He is a gentle, loving man, that would never hurt anyone, nor anything! KUDOS FOR ALL THE GREAT GUYS WHO ARE THE GREATEST OF FRIENDS TO WOMEN! YOU ROCK! Oh by the way, next door to us we have this gay guy who everytime I am challenging the rednecks he says, "You go girl"! lol lol He says, "Don't ever change Maureen, ever"! lol lol lol He says, "I love the looks on their faces when you give it right back to them"! lol lol lol....:) He has his fair share of comments to them, however, they never strike him for fear they too will become gay! LOL LOL LOL They are afraid of him! lol lol When he first moved in the whole neighborhood of rednecks were over by his house every night for beers. They kept saying to us that that guy is great, he is a confirmed bachelor. lol lol lol...:) I said nothing. I just lol lol Well when they found out he was lol lol :) They all disappeared pronto! lol lol lol...:)

I hear ya Liz..I mean seriously do you really think that if I went to a male prostitute for perverted things that maybe I should realize that a marriage commitment maybe not a good idea! I wouldn't be proud to announce that I am a pervert I would suggest a psychiatrist, not a lol lol..:)

Yeah, the prostitute excuse just doesn't cut the mustard. I think it's just another way for them to put the blame back on the woman for what THEIR sorry little asses have done. "It's totally your fault I cheated!" "Oh yeah? Well, then I guess it's YOUR fault I'm smacking you upside the head and poking holes in your leather sofa with a ballpoint pen. You shouldn't have made me do that."
And Lizzie, black leather makes the very best armour. Just ask Fonzie

When I was waitressing in grad school, these old skeevy guys used to tell me, "It wouldn't hurt ya to smile!" One time I told them, "Yes, it will. Until the stitches come out." They never asked me again.

When I was young I had to work in factories until I attended college. OMG...they really treated woman like meat. I only lasted two weeks max. I probably had at least 30 factory jobs...Just worked long enough to get some extra cash to pay for lol lol...:) When the women were sitting at the lunch table this one boss would come over and plunk his genitals on the table. He had boxer shorts on, but really, and he would say, "Hey baby how about a bite of this"! At that moment I was wishing I had a cleaver in my lol lol..:) Thank God for the new laws against this kind of crap. I was a young woman, as well as all the others, and to have to be subjected to that crap, as well as the crap pay, with no was torture!


Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

Great post everyone!!! I laughed my ass off. Tennessee = breeding grounds of Rednecks and Jack asses... Lets just say I can relate. ;) Thanks for the chuckle

Anonymous said...

I have lived all over the country and there are rednecks everywhere!
Don't make it complicted.
The simple answer to that question is this: INSECURITY.

Reverend Awesome said...

America has a HUGE red neck problem. It's an epidemic.

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