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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Julie and Julia and Goofy Kim...

Kimbo came over to see Penny, naturally, eat my chocolate cake, NATURALLY, and then off we all went to see JULIE AND JULIA and then for the burritos at Viva. A great movie except it was a little too cute in spots, and a little too long.
Amy Adams was very well chosen as the rather awesome looking lifeguard on the beach with the heart of gold who saved the little boy from the shark.
OH NO! It just seems like the actress Amy Adams has the LOOKS of a bikini clad lifeguard, NOT a blogger who cooks with 50 pounds of butter everyday....let's just say that the director had Amy flash a little bare thigh every time the audience was falling asleep....
In other news, I have now been to Viva restaurant 3 times in one week, TOP THAT!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't top that, but I would love too. Love your movie review. have not seen it yet...maybe never???

Trish said...

Haven't seen the movie yet either, but can comment on the 'witchy'!! great work and interesting info link.
Trish from Alberta, Canada
(won the jug...not the cat :-)

Chelle said...

Not sure I'll ever get around to seeing the movie...though I heard from a friend that Meryl's acting is superb as always.

Kimberly said...

What a cute little doggie!

Lynda said...

Gary you crack me up. Saw "Where The Wild Things Are" yesterday with the kiddo - fun stuff!

denis said...

it was a great movie.

i wish i could see goofy kim's face.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think the boring in parts opinion is a guy thing--I was entranced the whole time.

But it was a little difficult to buy her eating all that amazing food and looking that svelte.

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