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Gary's third pottery blog

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Monday, November 9, 2009

azzless chaps and pottery....

(mug by Gary Rith)
There are all kinds of important uses for chaps.
This mug here? TWO cowboys plus a horse on it! Buy it now at my etsy gallery!


Anonymous said...

Well, I shan't be commenting on the chaps but congrats again on your new (new) blog. My previous congrats died with the aborted third attempt. Much has been said about your prolific blogging but I have to say your wide ranged (and frequent) commenting on other folks blogs is pretty impressive too! I know you always put a smile on my face when you stop by for a visit and imagine other folks feel the same. So keep it up Gary. I really do think you should be appointed the King of the Blog World! :-)

soubriquet said...

I've caught up, phew, been tracking you for days, ear to the ground, Hm. Rith, he pass this way two days ago, he set up blog camp... here... then moved on. I'm exhausted, and I've got BF Goodrich marks all over the other ear......
Tell us how you're saving picture space?

a m dohan said...

lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive your cowboys haven't sold? I'm thinkin you need to market them different? oh say a peek and the assless chaps? HUmmmmmm

Barbara Martin said...

Ride 'em cowboy, Gary!!

Here's to a new and just as endearing third blog from the pottery man.

Lynda said...

The cowboy is great! Yeeha!

Jay said...

I loved the movie Sin City. And I was completely smitten with Jessica Alba in that movie too.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Geeze.... Wish I could still pull off that look (the Gal on the left, not the cowboy on the mug, LOL!)

I'm thinkin' I could pull off the guy on the mug. :-)

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