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Sunday, April 17, 2016

yearly gardening post...

You all know me, you have been reading my posts for ten years! You will remember that despite my BLACK thumb I plant tomatoes every year….they may start out OK, but they are doomed.  I average 3 tomatoes a season…when you take 5 from one year, 6 another, average that with 0 or 3…yes, all those plants, virtually no tomatoes… "BUT maybe this year! " says I.  Every single year… my clever idea last year was to notice that despite blight and tomato death throughout my neighborhood, my neighbors across the street have not only grown the only tomatoes in this area, last year they didn't plant a thing…and still got tomatoes! There is something tough and resilient about their cherry tomato plants which had reseeded themselves…covered with THOUSANDS of little tomatoes.

I am not totally stupid, you know….so I took some of those little tomatoes and dried and saved the seeds…fingers CROSSED!
I have great success with certain sunflowers and cosmos, and they produce so many seeds I save a bunch for my flower pots each year.  I have only planted a few tomato plants this year, but hundreds of flower seeds and some basil.  And I will try lavender in the big green pots… I don't grow lavender very easily, but I love it and will TRY.

One second after clicking this pic the dog tried to eat all the dirt in one of the little pots…my plant food is this stinky ground up fish stuff….just what beagles love….


smalltownme said...

You give me hope!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I know I'm supposed to be looking at the seeds and stuff but LOOK at all those shelves full of great pottery! Must...not...order...more...bowls. :) Have you tried straw bale gardening? My friend Jen swears by it for tomatoes. If you're interested let me know and I'll find the info for you. basically you put fertilizer and a little bit of soil in a hole in a straw bale and then plant your tomatoes. Keeps them off the ground and away from slugs and some other problems. Also keeps them more contained but not in pots.

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