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Thursday, May 31, 2012

one fact and one dream and a lotta green and we need YOU to check in!

OK, one fact and one dream indeed? GO TO COMMENTS and give me your fact and dream, winner gets a Father's Day card handmade by me! Even if you are NOT a father!!!!!! Here is a total fact: June 1, tomorrow, is my favorite day of the year! Why? Because we get 3 guarenteed beautiful months until September 1. SURE, there will be crummy weather in there, and nice weather before and after, but June 1 makes me sooooo happy :) Dream? Our sickly little tomato plants survive and maybe, if the slugs and bugs don't do what they always do, maybe one tomato will survive????
You go to comments now and tell us yours!

In other news, you will recall that I made avocado pasta last week....this week, I make it again, but I am like, at the store, seeing spinach noodles and thinking "green pasta with green sauce, yum!"....on a green plate too....

  glaze firing yesterday, looking in there now..

You may need this huge beer mug....although certainly you could use it for any of your favorite beverages! For sale now at my etsy shoppe!utterly huge elephant mug


Mr. Young said...

Nice mug there Gary!

Barbara Rogers said...

Fact: Slept outside (well almost) cause all the windows were wide open to 50's damp air.
Dream: To teleport to wherever I wish to be instead of dealing with mundane transportation options.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Fact: June 1 is my Dad's birthday (and my favorite flute professor/mentor's birthday as well) so it IS a great day.

Dream: that we could move to Northern California, find an awesome affordable (ha ha) house with a view and a kick azz garden and a huge kitchen in a town where I am the only flute player for miles so I get all the good gigs.

Now That's a dream.

Michèle Hastings said...

Fact: the kiln WILL get fired today
Dream: Someone knocks on our door today and offers to mow the lawn for FREE!

Anonymous said...

Fact: Never say never. I have eaten crow to almost every thing I have vowed to never do. And plunging into those nevers has curiously blessed me.

Dream: last night I dreamt I was near a tenament building that was in sorry state. The residents and an artist had taken it upon themselves to make the towering face of the building into a large canvas. So that where broken windows were, the jagged glass was turned into a figure, boards and plastic colorfully figured into the compelling medley. I awoke thinking, "it is time for some social awareness art. There is a place for it."

Susan Lippman

cm said...

Fact: B's out on the porch roof right now, removing the first layer of old shingles.
Dream: The second layer of shingles magically removes itself, leaving behind the original cedar shingles, which have been repaired and gleam like new.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope your tomato plant produces the best 'maters ever!
My dream? To feel healthy again!
One fact? I don't feel so healthy right now.
I know...that wasn't fun for anyone.
Happy June!!!!

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