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Sunday, March 27, 2016

having been hacked...

It is a weird world, right?  I don't like complications.  Keep things simple, if I can.
BUT, you know, you have the email, the website, the etsy, the Facebook, etc…and somewhere along the way, this weekend, somebody got ahold of my yahoo address book and is using it to send spam in my name.  Not using MY email, using theirs, but in my name, to people I know.  From what I read, you can't do much about it except change every password you can think of.  MY GOSH it is a strange world…

IN OTHER news, the day spring sprang in it seems like all the ideas I have worked on this winter came together, and here I am, making these celadon pieces with flowers, getting better all the time… just thrilling and looking GOOD.

It is Easter.  If that is important to you, then Happy Easter!


cm said...

Sorry to hear about the hacking, at least it was relatively harmless. I don't think I'll ever understand why they do it.

smalltownme said...

My former yahoo email was hacked. Nothing I could do. I closed it. Spam still goes out to that email's address book with my name on it (from many different addresses). Nothing I can do about it. Bummer, isn't it.

JB said...

Hackers have put me off blogging, it seems like the thieving B's have won. I might get back in to it, but they have certainly put me off. Sorry to hear they have done it to you.

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