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Friday, March 25, 2016

an unexpectedly AWESOME day

Yesterday seemed ordinary…UNTIL!  After lunch it got SO warm, 75! And sunny! And work was fun.  Above you see I was toying with dragon candle or incense holders.  I have made them before, as a globe shape then add the head, and had the idea to make them as a teardrop bottle then add the head…PERFECT.  I also unloaded a super duper kiln load.  SO, off we went to the dog park at the end of the day…the wife asks
"what kind of people have jobs that  they can just wander over to the dog park and hang out in the afternoon?" to which I replied
"people like ME!!!!!"

Penny always has to sniff the whole area first, then check out the dogs THEN play….


smartcat said...

Flaming, smoking dragons! WOW!

cookingwithgas said...


Michèle Hastings said...

The dragons are awesome! I imagine if you burn incense, the smoke comes out it's mouth... is that correct?

Caroline said...

Cool dragons. Or should they be hot? Hey, a park just for dogs?! Who thought of that? I can't say I've seen anything like that here.

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