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Thursday, March 31, 2016

burned at the stake...

Blergh--the contrast with the pretty flowered pots I am showing here is stark:  I had this horrible dream just now where somebody we knew was to be burned at the stake at midnight, and the question was how to help or defy or prevent this…and as a citizen in whatever awful society this was, you basically knew you could also be burned at the stake if you tried to help….I woke up at 3 till midnight, the question unanswered.  I mean, it is true, what would a person do if faced with such terrible injustice?  Risk your own safety, your own life?


cm said...

I like to think I would risk it, but the reality is I probably wouldn't. Although it might depend on who the person was. Best we just hope we're never faced with the decision.

Caroline said...

Judging by your dreams, I think you must have been a script writer in another life.

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