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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2 amusing stash boxes….

We have had a HALF winter.  Half the days warm, half wintry.  Today is a good example:  40s overnight, but 20s and snow expected the rest of the day. The last 2 days were mild, and we have been seeing ticks every March, and sure enough, we saw our first deer tick March 1, ARRRRRGH! Gosh I hate those.

ANYWAY, you can tell I sculpted these on very cold days.  My hands are very susceptible to cold and throwing pots is a cold water thing, even when you try to use warm water, it is still a cold studio and cold day, etc…but sculpting is NOT cold.  So I made these 2 jars, or sugar bowls or stash boxes….YES, the column opens up and you can fill up the inside, like with your secret stash of cash for emergencies….

You have seen me make the pig flying a plane before but you haven't seen me make a rabbit pulling a rabbit out of a hat yet, have you?  Have a great day!


smartcat said...

These are delightful! You get huge amounts of personality into your little critters.

It's in the fifties today but supposed to drop to the low thirties tonight and stay cold tomorrow! But spring is back again this week end! Go figure! It's New England!

Michèle Hastings said...

Very clever! No one would ever think to look inside that column.

Barbara Rogers said...

Love them...especially the magical magician bunny! Great idea to use the pillars and plinths!

Lori Buff said...

I love these, and it’s so great that they are also functional.
Keep warm.

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