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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

eating steak with uncle Rico

You  may recall that fine film classic NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE.  How could you forget it? Golly I've memorized it.
For some reason uncle Rico eating steak at the counter came to mind late yesterday evening--one of the subtle jokes through the movie.  Of course, he eats steak in nearly every scene, but anyway, it was a mistake for a vegetarian of many decades to think of uncle Rico eating steak…because I found myself dreaming that I was at the table with him as he ate.

For medical reasons I have been anemic for about ten years and I am careful to chase iron at every meal and eat insane amounts of spinach….but I have had these revolting steak dreams once or twice before.  I will be certain to add spinach to all my meals today…..

In other news, I made this bunny egg for the helluva it.  Would hold maybe ten jelly beans or a diamond ring comfortable…it is small.  But cheerful, right? And very timely, with Easter on the horizon….have a great day!


Michèle Hastings said...

omg, that little egg jar is adorable!

Your steak story reminded me of my mother, she didn't like red meat but ate it because she thought you NEEDED red meat for iron. She was so old school. In reality she loved spinach and variety of greens so much that I am sure her iron levels were fine.

I hope eating your greens will help you have better dreams tonight!

Mrs. Pottsblog said...

Great egg!

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