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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Michelle was like "I got all this HAIR IN YOUR EAR...."

Seriously! Michelle with the magic fingers was cutting the hair Saturday and she was like "I got all this hair in your ear now I have to dig it out" would be lucky if you lived here. You could hang out with US and we are so fun, but even better, Michelle could cut your hair too....

The wife needed the beagle's help....but NOBODY asked for Spike's help.....

You could probably use some spotted cat mugs, right? Get them here at my etsy gallery, plus other monster, cat and bunny gear!


smartcat said...

You should know by now that one does not ask for a cat's's given freely, without question!

P.S> Do you know where I go to disable the F##%!*# comment verification?

CiCi said...

I got a cat from the Humane Society on Valentine's Day. She is two years old and the biggest cat I have ever had. Her name is Lola, isn't that a cool name?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hair in your ears? That is a big problem!!!

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