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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a grand day out to the grocery with a grand gal....

I love going to the W3gmans grocery store, a very big deal for me every week! Brought my gal with me this time....she is tres glam, eh?


Susan in the Boonies said...

I have Wegman's envy. Don't have one here. Have never been to one before. Have heard many tales of its wonder.

I envy you and your glam wife!!!

~ Sil in Corea said...

Gosh! You truly live in a wonderful part of the world! Maude is absolutely the glamest of glam gals!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh yeah, Maude is truly a class act! Gorgeous with a gorgeous this blog post! Tres Excellent! :)

Joyful Things said...

She is indeed!

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