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Monday, May 16, 2011

you have your mother's day, you have your father's day.....

Gave the wife this rather extraordinarily cute tee for mother's day last week. This tee was at what might be the most awesome store on earth, a Japanese bookstore, giftstore, etc store in New York City, 6th Ave at Bryant Park, like 41st st. In the link you can see the front window of the store---that is where I saw the tee, in that very window! Wouldn't you go inside too, and BUY IT???? The store has English books and stuff too, but mostly cool Japanese stuff...they are so STYLISH...and 2 awesome bathrooms. Don't you love secrets to awesome shopping?
Back to mother's day---it is wise to give nice gifts for mother's day want nice gifts yourself on father's day. I s'pose you could argue that we are the parents of nothing human, and that is true, but it is fun to celebrate the little holidays...and the pets insist.
ANYWAY, I was working on these teapots last week, outta the kiln now. May I say it? WOWZA!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

You might need a dog in a mug, on sale now at my etsy gallery, along with other groovy items....


cookingwithgas said...

whay! The animals are right in Maude needed that tee!
and the teapots- fun!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wowza indeed.
I do love the tee shirt...very cute. The store looks inviting to me as well.
Well of course you must celebrate ALL the holidays...whether the critters insist or not. :)


As the parents of human and animals, may I say that sometimes being the parent of an animal is far harder? (Unless you've taught your brood to potty in the toilet and let themselves in/out at all hours of the night)...humans at least usually become somewhat independent at some point...

Awesome t-shirt!

Susan in the Boonies said...

Love dog mug. Love.

Pauline said...

Love Maudes new T-shirt!
Pots are awesome as always!

Cheryl said...

Awesome tee! Buddy and Java Bean gave me a nice card, I guess they snuck out one day with my daughter, to buy it. LOVE the new pottery.

Susan Lippman said...

And, Maude in groovy shirt matches awesome teapots. Blue, Blue, Blue...

Susan as Herself said...

I know that Japanese store! I went in last time I was in NYC as well---great place!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Wow sounds like a cool place to shop! Love the T shirt, and the color. Beautiful pottery! :)

Miss Heather said...

Pets DO count!! :) Michael got me a card from Lucy... and one from him. :) And I got a pedicure. I'm glad you got that cute tee for M... it's adorable!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

I love the cup with the dog in it Gary. Very cool. Glad you to see you are still doing what you are doing :)

kcinnova said...

Love the shirt! :)

My BFF calls the cats her "furry children." And so they are.

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