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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"its not my fault!!!"

CM orders a yarn bowl for herself and another sent to her mother, both in different parts of Canada. Her mom gets hers in a week, CM never gets hers. Month and a half goes by, ah HA! Here is this mushy, smashed, OPEN box back in the US at my PO waiting for me, having traveled to Canada and back, CM's order. The box did not survive, but the pottery did. Luckily CM is my best pal and we will see her later on and pass it to her in person.....

Speaking of all this, you could order something like this spiffy frog in a cup from me, now available at my etsy gallery! Be daring! What will the PO do to your order, and will Gary have packed it well enough to survive????? (YES!!!!!!!!!! It will!!!)


TechnoBabe said...

All you mugs are terrific. Hubby uses the mug with the penguin inside looking up at him and when he sees it he smiles. The heart magnet with the dog on it is the best. It is on the frig. said...

Ah I've had that happen to boxes before! Where I've had returns from the US back to the UK - so lucky!

cm said...

I'm just glad it arrived somewhere!

kcinnova said...

Poor CM, having to wait... but at least it is one piece! (No surprise there, I've had plenty of boxes from you, all packed so very well.)

That frog on his lily pad is very tempting, but with putting the house on the market, we will not have the space to add anything to our belongings (we've been packing things up instead) nor will there be any funds for buying happy coffee cups (don't ask how much money we are losing on this "investment").

Jay said...

Well they gave it a try. Canadian addresses are just too complicated. Or something like that. haha

Ilyanna said...

Please share -- what is a yarn bowl? The incompetent knitter in me is curious, and willing to bet that something as fabulous as a "yarn bowl" will make me a better creator, ar at least LOOK like I'm better than I am. Pictures? Hello etsy . . .

Susan as Herself said...

I can vouch for your packing skills. Chicago has the worst postal service in the nation, and my box was very beat up... but the mugs were perfect! And Chief the cat enjoyed playing in all the wrappings!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

LOL LOL Jay, I am sure that has something to do with it. Sorry to hear about the smashed up box, but thank God the pottery survived...:)

Liz said...

Canada post SUCKS. Blame them. Shipping is very expensive through them and I am sure they play rugby with the packages.

Reverend Awesome said...

I feel like everything that happens at the Canadian border is bad news. The taking me to immigration, searching our van and now this. And I know Lizzie is always having problem. THIS IS 2011! Get it together, post office!

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